Школа Росице

Today, my colleagues and I, by chance have become my companions on this journey, visited a small village school in the town of Rosice, Pardubice region of the Czech Republic.

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It all started with my passion for postcrossing when my card got to the school, in response, I received a letter that my card was read in front of the class and it was interesting — that's how the idea was born to come to visit.

Say so, the road was not easy. From Prague we got Pendolino high-speed train in less than an hour to Pardubice, where we had 40 minutes to the bus, all because they were afraid of being late Czech trains. Well, as in Pardubice we hope is not the first time (the first time we've been there in Christmas a few years ago, and Nadezhda local McDonald presented a spoon for dessert — but that's another story), we went in the direction of the bus station

Czech coaches (especially domestic) like something on Russian, but cleaner, neater and faster. We typed passengers — 15 people including us (and we were afraid of the lack of availability). A pleasant surprise was that fare we had been less than promised us the site of the carrier — probably Easter discounts 🙂

And now we are rushing by the local highway, catching the falling items — each time, handing something to each other, the bus or to overtake, or stops abruptly. Navigational place was occupied by Tatiana, who closely followed the road, but none of us know where and when our stop. Well, more accurately, we knew where to go and what time schedule we had to come to the place — in that we just do not fall.

Hooray, we arrived in Rosice on schedule — we landed in the middle of the road in a small village, and then the bus disappeared into the horizon. And just parked on the other side of the two cars in the desert at the village pointed out — we are waiting for.

We met with Galina, who helped me from Czech side to organize this educational trip, and with the director of the school — Dana, got in the car, a pair of sharp turns, a little hillsides and we arrived at the school. It was even better than the photo from website.

The first difference from the Russian school — the school from outside could not get us, the lock is designed so that all the releases, and admits only those who with a key or some other characteristics that we, four Russian guests did not have — Dana usual motion of the hand took imposing bunch of various keys, among which found the one that unlocks the door.

Met us warmly on arrival was offered tea — it was necessary to wait until the end the lesson and we will be able to go to meet the guys in the class. So, for a leisurely conversation in the Russian-English-Czech we met, and to pass the time until the end of the lesson.

Here the bell rang and we went to the second floor, in the 9th class room, where we were waiting. I must say that the school building historic, recently it carried out repairs and the first thing that can not go unnoticed — it's handprints on the walls, Dana said that this school tradition — when graduates leave school, leave their imprints here — the truth I asked how old this tradition is, but judging by the presence of empty seats — there is still plenty of room for future graduates, and judging by the large number still have left prints — a tradition that is still alive is not the first year.

12901242_1139265062771981_8008230436794415411_oYet a little unexpected for us, accustomed to see the city and school classes of 25-30 students, study seemed huge. The children were placed desks around the perimeter, which greatly added space, invited students of other classes, and here we come to the junior high school students — so cute, with their padded seating, because the chairs, in my opinion, are commensurate with the children themselves (sorry not photographed — it looked very nice, home-style). While all this was being prepared, I mastered the Czech version of Windows, predictably, it was not very different from the Russian or international. My colleagues and I brought a little video of Novosibirsk in the Russian and English languages.

 It was a bit exciting to talk about Novosibirsk Czech students in English, while trying to pick up a simple «school» word ... the excitement I have sometimes happened linguistic collapse, but thanks to Galina — a teacher of English, which helped me to pick up some of the words in English language. But, for some reason, the dialogue did not work, the guys feel free to ask questions or anything from my story did not understand (however, Dana is regularly invited children to retell what they have heard in Czech, so to speak for the control). Some of the kids (although most of the teachers 🙂 Well, we know these «pedagogical» trick) turned out to be prudent, and some questions written down in a notebook. Especially I remember the girl who could not find the page with the questions sheet notes several times in a row 🙂

12909667_1139265059438648_2286354544299335523_oCzech children interested in Russian traditions and holidays, and one young man with a smile on his face, asked what my favorite dish. Hope, as the representative of the school of mathematics, decided to show a few mathematical tricks, but ... what if we did not have enough knowledge of English, or mathematics by no means interested in guys at that moment, tricks are not logged in. We talked about the Siberian hockey, our «Siberia» team is already on the way home, we remembered that and did not tell the guys: the goalkeeper of our hockey Siberia — Czech by nationality.

Anyway — first encounter took place. In order not to break during the training process, we departed on a tour of the school where Dana personally led us in almost all offices. We even looked into the store textbooks and official room of Natural Sciences (selfie skeleton forgot to do). Almost all the free space on the walls of the school doing something — children's drawings, applications, etc. In one of the rooms junior schoolchildren in the process of repair of the school on the walls of the historic figures were discovered that it was decided to keep, there stood a piano, on which Tatiana. I remembered the days of old, and has played an excerpt from a piece of music.

12885874_1139265122771975_5836263044563986834_o 12321175_1139265049438649_7395588800085867513_n 12916986_1139265096105311_7810291423194166518_o

 In general, the school left a very good impression, children are childre — regardless of country, language, race, and so etc. - and this is important. I hope that our dialogue on this visit is over, we have agreed that I will come back in June in the school, I hope the guys will be more talkative 🙂

12916835_1139265206105300_4541295532497776008_o 12671860_1139265189438635_2697581308878133532_o

 Many thanks to the school administration for their hospitality!

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